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Working together

Return to work one step at a time

A Queensland Health home care worker was able to stay focused on her recovery during rounds of medical and counselling appointments by only thinking about “the next two weeks”. Read more...

Shifting careers can help workers return to work

Turning to a completely different job and industry is sometimes needed for workers with injuries that prevent them from ever returning to their pre-injury role, as this case study shows. Read more...

Retail assistant returns to work with host employer

An injured retail assistant was able to recover at work, thanks to a placement offered by a host employer. Read more...

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Employer best safety practice

McNab safety practices results in three million hours LTI-free

Toowoomba and Brisbane based construction and civil firm McNab, has now achieved three million hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI). They have been LTI-free for two years and continue to maintain a 0.00 Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) across the company. Read more...

Engineering and construction firm delivers award winning safety improvements

A bottom up approach to safety and a focus on reducing fatalities and permanently disabling injuries has seen the engineering and construction firm Tenix awarded a National Safety Council of Australia excellence award. Read more...

Managing hazardous manual tasks using the PErforM program

Halliburton shared their experiences of their risk management program evolution at the PErforM network meeting on 8 May 2014. Read more...

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Injury prevention and management

IPAM case study: Taking good care of safety at childcare centre

Sesame Lane Childcare has shown some great strides in improving their health, safety and injury management programs after working with the Injury Prevention and Management program (IPaM). Read more...


IPAM case study: Stellar Asia Pacific

Stellar recognised that early intervention and having a focus on workplace rehabilitation can reduce the economic and human costs associated with work related injury and illness. They have applied an early intervention approach to their injury management processes and are reaping the benefits. Read more...

IPAM case study: Holy Cross Laundry

Holy Cross Laundry has improved their stay at work and their claim durations have decreased following their participation in the IPaM program. They've also introduced changes to how workers at all levels communicate about work health and safety (WHS), and changed the way they measure their WHS performance. Read more...

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Common law claim


Employer not negligent in crane road accident

Millard v RI-CO (2004) Pty Limited (In liquidation) [2014] QSC 15 April 2014
An employer was found not to be negligent in its duty of care after a worker was injured driving a crane on a public road without permission. Read more...


Damages awarded for physical and psychological injury

Harris v State of Queensland [2014] QDC 35 28 February 2014
Liability was admitted by the employer, but a psychiatric injury, which arose after the physical workplace injury, led to the trial to judge the amount of damages. Read more...


Damages awarded to former mining employee

Martin v Golding Contractors Pty Ltd [2014] QSC 053 27 March 2014
In this case, while liability was admitted, the amount of damages was in dispute. Read more...

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23 March 2014

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