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Case studies

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Working together

oil tanker

Injured worker motivates others to return to work

When a 35 year old truck driver sustained serious injuries in a truck rollover, he used his experience and motivation to return to work to inspire other injured workers to want to get back to work. Read more...

sheet metal

Desire overcomes physical and emotional challenges

When a worker has a strong desire to continue down their chosen career path, sometimes a serious injury is just a small bump in the road, rather than a complete road block. Read more...

Mal Locker

Great worker/employer relationship delivers results

When 57 year old Malcolm Locker, a concrete truck driver at Hymix, a subsidiary of Hanson Construction Pty Ltd, injured himself at work, not once, but twice, he was worried after his second injury that he wouldn’t have a job to return to. But, the great relationship between him and his employer resulted in a successful return to work. Read more...

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Employer best safety practice

Sun Metals building

Sun Metals PErforMing manual tasks safely

Townsville's Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd introduced the Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks program (PErforM) in 2011 after changes to legislation increased accountability for workplaces to manage the risks of hazardous manual tasks. Read more...

hazard sign

70,000 reasons to provide appropriate training

While a serious workplace accident is an incredibly unfortunate event, often it gives companies the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and put in place preventative measures to reduce the risk in the future. Read more...

Kurtz Transport

Alternative duties support quick return to work for amputee

When a worker’s injury means they may be off work for two months, a supportive employer, such as Kurtz Transport, and an alternative suitable role can make a big difference by getting the worker back to work in just one week. Read more...

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Injury prevention and management


IPAM case study: Stellar Asia Pacific

Stellar recognised that early intervention and having a focus on workplace rehabilitation can reduce the economic and human costs associated with work related injury and illness. They have applied an early intervention approach to their injury management processes and are reaping the benefits. Read more...

IPAM case study: Holy Cross Laundry

Holy Cross Laundry has improved their stay at work and their claim durations have decreased following their participation in the IPaM program. They've also introduced changes to how workers at all levels communicate about work health and safety (WHS), and changed the way they measure their WHS performance. Read more...

IPAM case study: National Glass

National Glass, a wholesale supplier and processor of glass products for residential and commercial building and construction has achieved a significant culture shift and a vast improvement in staff retention and productivity. Read more...

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Common law claim


Damages awarded for physical and psychological injury

Harris v State of Queensland [2014] QDC 35 28 February 2014
Liability was admitted by the employer, but a psychiatric injury, which arose after the physical workplace injury, led to the trial to judge the amount of damages. Read more...


Damages awarded to former mining employee

Martin v Golding Contractors Pty Ltd [2014] QSC 053 27 March 2014
In this case, while liability was admitted, the amount of damages was in dispute. Read more...


Future earnings capacity debated

Simmons v Wanless & another [2014] QDC 13 February 2014
In this case, liability was not disputed, but the issue that was contested was the extent of the worker’s future earnings capacity. Read more...

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23 March 2014

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