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Cover provided by your policy

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Your accident insurance policy insures you against the cost of any claims for work-related injuries. Please notify us if you have paid for any claim expenses, so we can reimburse you for them if the claim is accepted.

You will need to pay an excess on any accepted claim if your worker has taken time off from work due to their injury. This excess will be the lesser of:

  • 100% of Queensland full-time adult’s ordinary time earnings (QOTE) (this amount is declared annually by the Australian Statistician), or
  • the worker’s weekly compensation (in most cases this is 100% of the award or 85% of normal weekly earnings, whichever is the greater).
Last updated
09 April 2014

Small business

You can find information specifically for small businesses, aimed to help and educate you on WorkCover matters, on our dedicated page.