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Household worker insurance

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A household worker is a worker you employ in and about, or in connection with, a private dwelling or the grounds of the dwelling. If you employ a household worker, you are required to take out a household workers' insurance policy to cover you against the costs of compensating a household worker who may be injured while working for you.

WorkCover Queensland's household workers' insurance policy is $50 for a two year term. This is a set time frame where all policies have a common end date irrespective of when the policy is commenced. The premium is not pro-rated, however a reduction of the rate to $25 is applied if the time remaining to the common end date is less than 12 months.

Who should I cover?

You should cover anyone you employ in connection with your house or connected property.

A holiday home is considered a private dwelling provided it is not also used as a rental property, and workers employed there may be considered household workers.

Any workers engaged by a landlord to work in connection with their rental property, would not be covered under a household workers' insurance policy. A landlord is required to take out an accident insurance policy to cover these workers. However, workers who are directly engaged by the tenants of a rental property can be covered under a household workers' insurance policy. 

To determine who you need to cover, follow the steps on the Australian Taxation Office website employee/contractor decision tool

What if business activities are conducted in a private dwelling?

You must consider any business activities that are occurring in a domestic residence or its grounds when determining whether a worker is employed solely in connection with a private dwelling.

If a worker is employed wholly or partly in connection with a business, they cannot be considered a household worker and the employer will need to insure them under an accident insurance policy.

The issue is not whether the employer conducts a business but whether the worker is being employed in connection with the business or the residence.

Some people use a part of their house or its grounds to conduct their business activities. This part of the house should not be considered to be a private dwelling as it is not being used in the sole capacity as a domestic residence. Examples of business activities that may be undertaken in a part or the grounds of a house:

  • photography studio
  • architectural service
  • counselling/therapy service
  • farming and other rural enterprises.

If a worker is employed to work in an area that is not part of the domestic residence, that person is not a household worker.

What does this policy cover?

You are covered for the cost of compensating a household worker you employ who sustains a work-related injury while working for you. These costs may include:

  • lost wages
  • travelling expenses 
  • hospital, medical and rehabilitation expenses 
  • lump sum compensation for permanent impairment 
  • damages costs associated with a common law claim against you
  • death benefits.

Common law damages are paid when an injured worker sues you and proves that you (as their employer) were negligent.

How do I take out a household workers' insurance policy?

You can apply online for a household workers' insurance policy.

Alternatively, please call WorkCover on 1300 362 128 and we will set up your policy over the phone. We will then forward you a premium notice with your payment options.

For more information on our household workers' insurance policy, read our product disclosure statement.

Maintaining your household workers' insurance policy

These policies insure you for all or part of a two-year period. The current period of insurance is running from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2014.

You will receive a renewal notice in early December 2014. To insure yourself for another two years, simply pay your premium by the due date. If you have ceased employing householder workers and do not want your policy to continue, do not make payment and your policy will automatically cancel.

If you are continuing to insure, please make sure we have your current contact details at any time during the insurance period.

Please call us on 1300 362 128 if you have any questions about your insurance requirements.


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